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About Us

About Us

TutorGenix is an Edtech company highly inspired by technology to facilitate technical & non-technical education besides contemporary learning.

Through an integrated E-learning Platform that caters to both students and online tutors, TutorGenix aims to reduce the barrier of linking students to relevant subject matter experts online. TutorGenix is a comprehensive online tutoring platform that provides a one-stop destination for both students and online tutors. Students gain from worldwide subject matter experts' expertise and experiential learning.

We anticipate bridging the gap in knowledge by creating a link between student questions and tutor solutions.

We provide a variety of services from which our students and tutors may decide based on their requirements and experience. We offer real-time sessions, online assignment and homework help, and project work aid as an integrated platform for both tutors and students. We provide all online tutoring services, for tutors and students, under one roof in order to make learning more accessible, reasonable, and effective.

Our Mission

By assisting students and educators in learning more in less time and at a lower cost, we hope to improve the total return on education investment.

TutorGenix has the largest pool of high-quality tutors accessible anywhere on the internet to assist you with any project or assignment that you may want assistance with. Our tutors have the greatest work ethic in the industry, with consumers reporting high levels of satisfaction and accuracy.

The goal statement at TutorGenix is simple: develop a secure and helpful workplace where students can get the knowledge they need and tutors can earn money by assisting learners in need. With so much uncertainty and hatred circulating around the internet, we attempt to carve out a space where students and professionals may come together.