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Refund Policy


Dear Customer,

We strive to provide the highest level of service to our clients. We adhere to best practices in order to provide excellent solutions that assist our clients in learning. We strongly believe in candor, openness, and honesty, thus we have created a return policy that is completely transparent.

We strive to give you the greatest digital marketing services and online tutoring services, as well as study materials and notes, in any sector, corporate or academic. We serve clients from all sectors and academic subjects by providing the greatest outcomes as well as adequate assistance, training, and marketing materials.

However, we have a return policy in place to guarantee that your money is secure in the event of non-receipt of services or duplicate payment.

Also, when you schedule a session or place an order with us, we presume that you have read and agreed to all of the terms listed on the website at the bottom, as well as in the invoice email.

Refund requests are only considered when made in writing using the Client's Portal Login. You can do so by using the Support after Sale link. Any communication by social media sites, email, or any other means will not be considered formal correspondence.

100% MoneyBack

There will be a 100% refund if the service is not delivered or a duplicate payment is made by the customer/user.

Partial/No Refund:

You have 1 hour after the payment is completed to cancel your order. You must send a cancellation request to Support@TutorGenix.com and include the order ID in the email topic. It is not possible to cancel an order after 1 hour of confirmation because we take action on each order immediately to give the finest service to each of our Clients or Customers and assign an expert(s) or team to work on the order within 1 hour. In subsequent circumstances, the amount of the refund might range from 50% to No return in order to reimburse the team's and company's efforts to satisfy your purchase request.

No Refund

  • Orders that have outstanding Partial Payments.
  • When the task/order deadline is less than or equal to 72 hours at the moment of order confirmation (when the user makes the payment against the invoice).
  • If a client requests a change that was not included in the original need at the time of purchase confirmation. (The requirement has been modified)
  • If you proceed with certain revisions/modifications or extended follow-ups in the rework/clarification case, your refund request will be denied. It demonstrates that you and the supplied solution/service have reached an agreement.
  • After 30 days of service/solution delivery, no refund requests will be considered.
  • No refunds will be issued for answers/services purchased straight from the Q&A Library area.

Deadline Not Met

Sometimes it is not feasible to take the session or give the service on the agreed-upon time due to unforeseen circumstances, but rest assured that we will do everything necessary to fulfil the services on or before the agreed-upon time. In such scenario, we will reward you with discounts on subsequent services or value adds to your current transaction. In order to work on your order, we may require certain login information, a dataset, or other material, and if you do not provide it on time, our delivery time may be impacted, and there will be no return.

Service not as described

If you believe that the quality and specifications of the service or session supplied to you were not as stated and would prefer a full/partial refund, please contact us. In that situation, you must provide us with comprehensive justifications for the faults in job quality and what should be present. Then it would be simple for an expert to analyze the concerns and resolve the difficulties. If the consumer is still dissatisfied after several service modifications or sessions, the quality assurance team will launch an inquiry into the service given. As you are aware, these services are context-specific, and everyone has their own method of working and comprehending them. Based on the information provided, the refund claim will be authorized or refused.

No Guarantee

As you are aware, we provide online tutoring services (live tutoring with study material and notes), and we do not guarantee company rank/academic grades/score. And we feel that no one else can provide this. Rank/grades/scores are contextual in nature, and it is feasible to obtain the maximum with consistent efforts over a lengthy period of time. We give study material and notes as examples draughts only or as a point of reference and are not ready for submission and should not be submitted directly as one's own work. It is just for educational purposes. Please remember that there is no assurance.

Refund Processing

It would take 1-7 business days from the confirmation date if we agree to refund in the aforesaid instances and terms. Please keep in mind that the firm cannot be held liable for any Bank Transfer fees, transfer abnormalities, or any delays caused by any Bank service faults.

The terms and conditions are subject to change based on management standards. So, keep checking the website for regular updates.