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Honor Code

Honor code

In today's world of group projects and web searches, students have unprecedented access to information. This is especially true if you're utilizing a tool like TutorGenix.com, an online homework-solving platform where you can access hundreds of study materials provided by students, teachers, and other community members.

How can you ensure that you are utilizing these tools in a manner that is compatible with your college's or institute's requirements, given the abundance of options at your disposal?

Academic Integrity

Make sure you are well-versed in academic integrity before you begin. In general, you are expected to complete your own work as a student, and that work must be unique. You must properly cite someone else's original work if you use it. Your school, your instructors, and your classmates are counting on you to be truthful and sincere throughout your academic career.

Some particularly excel in providing concrete examples of academic dos and don'ts.

And keep in mind that our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Refund Policy all apply when utilizing TutorGenix.com. As you share and learn from people in our community, be sure you are aware of and abide by all of our rules. We are glad to have you here.

TutorGenix.com goes above and beyond to assist you—not only in passing your classes, but also in broadening your knowledge by introducing you to fresh subjects, ideas, concepts, teachers, and pupils. We're committed to offering you top-notch academic materials to make learning and studying easier, and we're equally committed to assuring correct usage of those resources and safeguarding ownership of them.

Although we think the majority of TutorGenix.com users utilize the website as intended, all users must affirm at registration that they have read, comprehended, and agreed to abide by TutorGenix.com's Honor Code.

We anticipate academic honesty from all of our users. Therefore, anybody who uses our site improperly with the explicit intent of cheating and/or misrepresenting the material of another user as their own will face appropriate consequences. For correct usage, review our policies. The solutions/services offered by our experts/tutors are intended to be used by our clients as examples of model papers; they are not to be submitted because doing so would be against academic integrity's guidelines for fair use. The sole use these publications are meant for is research and referencing.

For Students & Users:

TutorGenix.com is dedicated to the needs of students. Every step of the way, we want to support you in learning at your own speed and with the resources you require. For some of you, it can entail working with our instructors to help you grasp the material, or it might mean using our step-by-step answers to help you comprehend the answer in your textbook. It could only include utilizing our tools to verify that your work is correctly referenced and attributed.

It should never imply that you are using our services to do any type of fraud or dishonesty, such as passing off someone else's work as your own.

Most TutorGenix.com students utilize our services to aid in their learning and comprehension. Abuse of our platform or services is not tolerated by us. Behaving dishonestly harms your standing as a student. Additionally, it's unfair to other students and difficult for your teachers to evaluate your progress. Misusing TutorGenix.com's services might result in significant repercussions, such as being banned from our platforms or having your institution launch an inquiry.

For professors and instructors:

Our services are intended to supplement learning, not to substitute for it. Our Tutors and subject matter experts work hard to add extra resources to your training. We provide interactive feedback, real-time tuition, and step-by-step explanations.

Please be as specific as you can when explaining to your pupils the resources they can utilize in any particular Order. We advise you to first have an open and sincere conversation with your kids if you think they are abusing our services.