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MBA Dissertation Help: How to Get Started and Avoid Common Mistakes

Written by Admin

July 21, 2023 • 10 min read

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Completing an MBA dissertation is a significant milestone for business students pursuing their Master of Business Administration degree. This comprehensive research project allows students to demonstrate their knowledge, analytical skills, and ability to apply theoretical concepts to real-world business challenges. However, embarking on an MBA dissertation can be daunting, and many students face common pitfalls that can hinder their progress. In this blog post, we will explore the essential steps to getting started on your MBA dissertation successfully and provide tips to avoid common mistakes.

1. Selecting a Relevant and Feasible Topic

Your MBA journey begins with selecting the ideal dissertation topic, which is the most important step. You will remain motivated and have access to the necessary information and resources if your topic is relevant and practicable. To choose a suitable subject:

a. Explore your Interests: Identify areas of business that genuinely interest you, as this will make the research process more enjoyable and engaging.

b. Assess Research Possibilities: Make sure there is enough literature and research material on the subject to back up your inquiry.

c. Consult with Professors and Professionals: To hone and validate your chosen topic, get input from your professors, academic advisors, and business professionals.

2. Conducting a Thorough Literature Review

Before diving into your research, conduct a comprehensive literature review. A literature review helps you understand the existing research, identify knowledge gaps, and refine your research questions. Here's how to conduct an effective literature review:

a. Utilize Academic Databases: Access reputable academic databases to find peer-reviewed articles, journals, and books relevant to your topic.

b. Analyze and synthesize: To lay a solid groundwork for your research, critically analyze the literature and synthesize the results.

c. Stay Current: To make sure your work is still current and pertinent, keep reviewing the literature as you conduct your research.

3. Developing a Clear Research Question and Objectives

For your MBA dissertation, create a clear research question and a list of precise goals. The research question needs to be precise, well-defined, and able to direct your investigation. The goals will serve as checkpoints along the way of your research.

4. Designing a Robust Methodology

The core of your MBA dissertation is your research methodology. It describes the strategy you'll use to gather and examine data. Depending on your research question, select the best research methodology:

a. Quantitative Research: Use polls, questionnaires, or statistical software to analyse numerical data.

b. Qualitative Research: Use case studies, focus groups, or interviews to gain a deeper understanding.

Mixed-Methods c Research: For some research questions, a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods may be appropriate.


5. Collecting and Analyzing Data

Collecting accurate and relevant data is critical to supporting your research findings. Ensure that your data collection methods align with your chosen research methodology. Then Analyze the data using appropriate statistical or qualitative analysis techniques, depending on the nature of your research papers.


6. Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a serious academic offense with grave repercussions. Always give credit to the authors whose work you reference and properly cite your sources. Use tools to check for plagiarism to make sure your work is original.


7. Structuring Your Dissertation Effectively

A well-structured dissertation enhances readability and coherence. Follow a standard structure that typically includes:

a. Title Page

b. Abstract

c. Table of Contents

d. Introduction

e. Literature Review

f. Methodology

g. Results and Analysis

h. Discussion and Conclusion

i. References

j. Appendices


8. Editing and Proofreading

After completing your MBA dissertation, edit and proofread it thoroughly. Look for grammatical errors, clarity of expression, and overall coherence. Seek feedback from peers, professors, or writing centers to improve the quality of your work.


9. Meeting Deadlines and Managing Time

Time management is crucial throughout the dissertation process. Create a timeline with specific milestones to keep yourself on track. Meeting deadlines will prevent last-minute stress and allow ample time for revisions.

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

1. Lack of Planning: Failing to plan ahead can lead to a disorganized and rushed dissertation process. Start early and create a detailed plan.

2. Overambitious Research: Select a research question that is feasible within the time and resources available.

3. Neglecting the Literature Review: Skipping the literature review can result in redundant research or missing out on valuable insights.

4. Inadequate Data Collection: Ensure your data collection methods are appropriate and gather enough data to support your findings.

5. Unclear Research Question: A poorly formulated research question will hinder your progress and lead to vague results.

6. Poor Referencing: Failing to cite sources properly can lead to accusations of plagiarism and compromise your academic integrity.

7. Lack of Proofreading: Submitting a dissertation with errors reflects poorly on your work and dedication to the research.



Although beginning an MBA dissertation can be intimidating, you can get through the process successfully with careful planning, a specific research question, and a well-organized strategy. Avoiding common errors like inadequate planning, skipping the literature review, or poor data collection will make the process of finishing a top-notch MBA dissertation easier. To improve the calibre of your research, keep in mind to ask professors, academic advisors, and peers for advice at every stage. You can write a fantastic MBA dissertation that demonstrates your knowledge and potential in the business world with perseverance, diligence, and attention to detail.

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